Our Tour Managers

Our Tour Managers

Our adult tour managers' goal is to facilitate every aspect of a tour to enable teacher leaders to devote 100% of their time to their group without having to worry about the operational aspects of the tour.

Duties include:.

Accompany the group throughout the itinerary

Coordinate the operation of the planned itinerary in conjunction with the coach driver and the group leader: meeting points and times, wake-up calls etc.

Conduct the required operational duties as necessary for the tour: payments, reconfirmations etc. Quickly and efficiently react, coordinate and revise the itinerary if necessary in the event of "unforeseen circumstances" that may prevent the operation of the tour as planned (traffic, weather, illness etc.)

Assist the coach driver, the group leader and chaperons to insure the highest standard of safety for the participants of the tour: this includes working with the group leaders to be sure that all participants are accounted for at the termination of visits, tours and before the coach moves to the next point on the itinerary or departs origin or destination.

All of our tour managers are either former educators, travel professionals or university students, many aspiring teachers. They all have personal knowledge of our destinations and attractions and their experience means they will handle any situation that may arise on the tour.

Excellent service is our Tour Managers' motto from start to finish.