Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Pricing & Payment Details

  • The price quoted for your group is based on a specific number of paying passengers and hotel rooms(for overnight tours). Changes in the number of participants, or the number of rooms required will require the price to be reviewed.
  • An invoice will be issued at the time of booking for a deposit as outlined in your quotation
  • Final payment is due six weeks prior to departure
  • Each dishonored cheque will incur a charge of $40.00

Complimentary Chaperons

  • The number of teachers/chaperons travelling free of charge is stated in your quotation
  • Additional teachers/chaperons may be added at an additional charge


  • Students, teachers and chaperons are responsible for all damages that may be caused while on tour. Including replacements for Lost hotel or residence Keys.
  • Room inspections must be completed upon check-in and departure

Highway 407 Charges

  • Your quotation will indicate whether or not use of the 407 has been included
  • Should groups elect to use the 407 after departure the group leader will be requested to sign approving toll charges which will then be invoiced


  • All payments subject to a cancellation penalty of 60% plus theatre and event tickets. Cancellations within 21 days of tour departure – NO REFUND

Travel Insurance

  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption for medical reasons only
  • Comprehensive Insurance which includes medical insurance while on tour AND Trip cancellation or interruption for medical reasons. Coverage includes stable pre existing conditions but excludes some psychological conditions.
  • Coverage is not in force until names and birth dates have been submitted to CCTL

Rooming Lists

  • Rooming List forms will be provided by fax or email.
  • Room Lists must be completed and returned to CCTL 45 days prior to travel and clearly indicate first and last names of all passengers
  • Minor changes will be permitted prior to travel
  • Students share rooms of 4 (two persons per bed)
  • Teacher/Chaperons share rooms of 2 (1 per bed)
  • Single chaperon rooms available for a surcharge

Food Allergies, Special needs & dietary restrictions

  • Special arrangements for meals should be requested as early as possible to ensure provisions are made for allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Any other special needs should be also be identified as early as possible
  • Wheelchair accessible coaches are available in limited supply and may incur a surcharge

Trip Itineraries

  • A preliminary itinerary will be provided with the initial quotation. The selection of activities may vary as requested by the school
  • A final timed itinerary will be provided to the school 3 weeks prior to travel and will indicate emergency contact numbers. The order of activities & timings may vary from the initial quote due to space availability & latest travel time information
  • Itinerary timings for groups travelling on 2 or more motorcoaches may differ from one another. Group may need to be divided due to availability & capacity limits at each venue

Tour Managers

  • If included in your program cost, a CCTL Tour Manager will accompany the group to provide administrative support. While they will draw attention to points of interest en route, they are not licensed to act as Tour Guides
  • Professional licensed step-on guides are hired, where necessary, in each destination

Maximum number of Travellers

  • 47 Seat Passenger Coach - 46 passengers
  • 56 Seat Passenger Coach - 55 passengers
  • One seat has been left vacant to accommodate your Tour Manager or Tour Guide
  • Additional passengers may necessitate additional transportation and affect the program cost accordingly

Taxes, Fees & Surcharges

  • Taxes, Fees and Surcharges are subject to change and will be reassessed at the time of full payment and ticketing