The safety of the students on our tours is of paramount concern to CCTL.

All of our itinerary proposals include a dedicated Tour Manager (unless not requested/required by the school), an experienced member of our staff who accompanies each group to oversee the operation of the tour and who is in contact with our office on a 24-hour basis should the need arise. This relieves the teacher chaperons from operational concerns and enables them to devote all of their attention to the students.

At all stages of the tour we continually verify the presence of the students before proceeding to the next visit or attraction and we encourage the "buddy system" among the students to prevent any individual from finding themselves isolated from the group.

Students are provided with our 24-hour access numbers in the office and the tour manager's cell telephone contact so that they may make appropriate contact with us as may be necessary.

For elementary school groups, we recommend a dedicated security agent each night in the hotel or other accommodation to provide supervision to the rooms used by our groups over the night time hours.

Finally, we charter our coach transportation only from Ministry licensed and fully insured coach companies. These companies have been selected not only for their value in providing transportation for our groups at an attractive cost, but also for their reliability, experience and customer service.

Health and Safety Protocols for Covid-19

Motorcoach Travel:

Coaches to be disinfected prior to each trip with Electrostatic Foggers or other method
Hand Sanitizing dispensers on each coach
Some coaches have been equipped with Merv8 Antibacterial filters to HVAC which kills 99% of viruses.
Masks to be worn at all times on the coach
Onboard Washrooms are out of service - stops will be made along the way
Loading and Unloading procedures have been updated & will be addressed by your Tour Manager

Hotel Accommodations

Check-in processes will be modified accordingly to limit contact with other guests. Hotels have enhanced their cleaning protocols.

Activities / Attractions

Safety protocols will be established with our suppliers.
Itinerary's will be arranged to favor outdoor activities whenever possible.


Safety protocols will be established with our preferred restaurants.
Separate seating or private seating will be arranged whenever possible.
Pre-orders will be favoured in order to spend the least amount of time indoors.
Box Lunches & Dinners are also an option for picnic style meals in an outdoor setting.