Why take a school trip?

Fort Malden, ON

The Importance & advantages of school trips

Our Tours are designed to be educational, memorable and fun for all our student travelers. Every student arrives back from their trip with new found knowledge and an experience that will last a lifetime. Learning through travel engages students, raises interest and curiosity and builds the bridge to life-long learning through travel.

Our itineraries are arranged to assist the students in addressing a wide variety of junior and intermediate division curriculum expectations prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Education. These expectations are designed to assist children in their social, emotional and academic development as they prepare to take their place as secondary school students, and ultimately, as responsible, contributing, adult members of society. Pre-trip and post-trip classroom activities will also provide opportunities for learning and reinforcement of concepts related to the new Ontario Curriculum.

Just a few of the many curriculum expectations addressed in our trips include:

English – Oral communication

Listen attentively to organize and classify information and to clarify thinking; express and respond to a range of ideas and opinions concisely, clearly, and appropriately (Interaction with tour guides and attraction operators)


Development and use of problem solving strategies and investigative procedures (pre-trip financial planning including cost calculation and budgeting; assessing the viability and profitability of various fund-raising activities

Science & Technology

Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that contribute to the efficient operation of mechanisms and systems (e. g. Niagara Falls – investigate interactions in an ecosystem – Butterfly Conservatory and Aviary)


Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of the area visited.


Identify and describe various types of land use (enroute to and from destination)

Learning Skills

Co operation with others – work and play co operatively with others; establish positive relationships with peers and adults; respond to, and be sensitive to the needs and welfare of others (entire trip)

Participants will enjoy, and profit from, the many educational opportunities made possible in our tours. Learning will occur in an environment, and with an impact, that simply cannot be achieved in the classroom.